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5 Tips for Tendon Management

Tendons are complicated when it comes to the management. Often each person's recovery is difference and it can be difficult to put a timeline onto it.

Here are 5 rules to go by incase you are stuck on getting your tendons better!

#1Don’t rest completely Tendons often don't need to be 'completely' rested when sore. They may require relative rest compared to absolute rest. This could be via reducing the intensity of your activities or the load you are putting yourself under. #2 – Progressively load the tendon As you feel your symptoms getting better and your strength is increasing. Increase the load you put it under so it can get stronger.

#3Don’t compress or stretch the tendon Generally our tendons are hard/stiff and strong. When they become irritated it can actually be detrimental to stretch them or compress them. Massage directly to the tendon can often make it worse!

#4Don’t completely avoid pain Our tendons are generally quite strong. So when we are performing rehab. Having some pain is ok! Often pain can't be avoided, so having a bit of pain while performing rehab is ok! As long as it stays below a 4 out of 10 and does not increase as the session goes on. Then you should be ok!

#5Do use isometrics prior to exercise (If they provide pain relief)

Isometric exercises were originally thought to be the best exercises you could do for tendons. However, the research has changed significantly and eccentric exercises with heavy resistance are now more of the gold standard. However, Isometric exercises are known to give people some pain relief. Performing holds of 3-5 x 45s can be all you need.

If you are having any issues with your tendon rehab/management call and book in with us.

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