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  • Do you have breastfeeding related discomfort? Are you looking for Mastitis Treatment and Mastitis Relief?


    Breastfeeding Ice and Heat Packs are one of Mastitis Natural Remedies.

    Breast Heat Packs are also a Blocked Milk Ducts treatment.


    Suitable for both Ice and Heat Therapy, SRC Breast-Eze Ice Packs can also assist with Vasospasms and Engorgement.


    Includes 2 x Breast packs and 2 x Soft Organic Cotton Cover Sleeves


    Comes in a handy Storage bag with zipper


    How They Work:


    • Ergonomic SRC Relief Breast-Eze are your breasts best friend, fitting comfortably into your bra to help relieve tenderness and pain caused during breastfeeding by conditions like Mastitis,Vasospasm, Engorgement and Blocked Milk Ducts as well as any post-surgical breast procedures.
    • Breastfeeding Ice Packs can be used as ice therapy or as a heat pack for heat treatment as they can be easily heated in water or in a microwave.
    • SRC Relief Breast-Eze gel packs are non-toxic and if you are using a breast pump they will easily fit around the pump to help ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts.

    Breast-Eze Ice & Heat Packs

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    AU$29.95Sale Price
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