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  • If you are about to have surgery, SRC SurgiHeal garments may just be the ‘wonderwear’ you need to facilitate post-surgical wound healing and rehabilitation with effective pain relief:

    • Lower back surgery
    • Gynaecological procedures including vaginal repair and hysterectomy
    • Spinal surgery
    • Lower abdominal surgery and
    • Hernia repairs


    SRC SurgiHeal garments provide continuous gentle compression to a wound post-surgery which assists in reducing pain.


    84% of test subjects said the SurgiHeal compression garments were very effective at decreasing wound pain and 70% required less pain medication while wearing.

    SRC SurgiHeal Women's Shorts High Waist

    AU$189.00 Regular Price
    AU$179.95Sale Price
    Sales Tax Included
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