Roll out this stylish mat for a natural, beautiful practice.


Crafted from biodegradable tree rubber, MoveActive's Vegan Leather Yoga Mat is moisture absorbent and grippy. Solider through Mountain and Worrier Pose with this cushioned, eco friendly mat. 


Wipe it down, roll it up and chuck in your carry -all. 


Each mat comes with a complimentary carry bag.


Care: Wipe with mild detergent after use. Once dry, roll it up with the top side facing outward. Do not fold. 

Does not contain PVC or Latex. 


Designed in Melbourne, Australia.


CAUTION: Contains tree rubber which may cause allergic reactions. 


Warning: Flammable- keep away from fire and flame. Keep away from sharp objects and store away from sunlight. Improper use may lead to an injury. If you are suffering from a medical condition or undergoing rehabilitation, it is important to check whether you can use this product. If you experience pain while exercising you should immediately stop using this product and seek the advice of a medical professional.


This mat is not reversible. 


*Advise to air mat when first opening to let any natural rummer smells fade :)

Vegan Leather Yoga Mat

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