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Please ensure to complete and submit the following

Pre-screening Questionnaires PRIOR to attending your first appointment to allow your physio to gain a good initial understanding of your current symptoms and allows them more time to spend working with you during your appointment:

Post-partum Women's Health Questionnaire

Post-partum Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire


Growing, carrying and delivering a baby is a huge feat for all mothers and their bodies.  It is important to monitor how your body is recovering after delivering a baby, whether via vaginal birth or Caesarean section. 

A specific post-partum physiotherapy assessment is encouraged for all new mothers and allows your physio to design a post-partum rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.

During this appointment, your physio will assess:


  • Pelvic floor

  • Abdominal separation (diastasis)

  • Breast health

  • Readiness to return to exercise

This assessment is typically recommended after your 6-week post-partum appointment with your doctor and can include an internal vaginal exam to assess your pelvic floor recovery after pregnancy and labour.  This will, however, only be performed once your doctor has cleared you for intercourse and only with your consent.


If you have any concerns prior to the 6-week mark, you can certainly book in for your post-partum check with one of our physios to be proactive with starting some baseline management strategies to best prepare you for your post-partum recovery period.


Prior to attending your initial appointment, we ask you to complete a comprehensive screening questionnaire to best prepare your physio in order to give you the most comprehensive advice tailored specifically to you. You can find the links to these questionnaires here:


Post-Partum: Women's Health Screening Questionnaire

Post-partum: Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire

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